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 A History of Quality Service

Quality Transportation Services, Inc. (QTS) was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in April 1988 as a privately held company.  QTS is an outgrowth of KJ Gallagher, Inc. (KJGI), which was created in 1982 to provide rail management services at the request of DuPont’s Textile Fiber division. KJGI was asked to help convert long haul truck movements to piggyback (truck trailers on rail cars) from shipping locations in Delaware, the Carolinas and Tennessee to the California markets by tracking the units and reducing the variation in transit time. KJGI’s first operating center was on Washington Street, across from the Brandywine Building in Wilmington DE. KJGI achieved the notable position of top sales/service provider for the nation’s largest Intermodal company, NPSI, for the last three years of their existence (NPSI was sold to American President Company - APC).  

KJGI evolved its tracking and management capabilities to include rail cars in 1984. By 1985, KJGI expanded its unique rail operations capabilities to include all of the continental United States and Canada, and, in 1986, services were expanded to Mexico. In 1988, KJGI changed its name to Quality Transportation Services, Inc. (QTS).
Early successes of the rail car tracking system, which combined advanced computer technology, electronic data interchanges, round-the-clock rail car movement evaluation, and proactive rail car management positioned QTS to rapidly advance as a major player among third party rail logistics companies. 
The core service package offered included the following highly sought after :
  • Visibility through regular documented rail car transit and billing information, available via several mediums including reports, emails, specialized websites, and software applications.  
  • Proactive rail car tracking and Shipment management that comprises such value-added services as overseeing actual to estimated transit times, intervening to expedite and divert cars if necessary, and unloading onto trucks or other alternative forms of transportation to ensure the delivery of customers’ goods. The service also includes risk management to diminish the financial implications of disruptions in rail service, claims processing for lost, damaged, and/or stolen rail car equipment, and mileage, tax, and volume auditing.   
  • Process Planning and Engineering that provides customers with expert guidance on improving rail car utilization and reducing costs.  
As the years have gone on, QTS has expanded upon these three core services with newer and more integrated software products and specialized services like fleet administration, EDI Billing services, and plant management tools intended to address the many complex, unique and ever-changing needs of our customers. 
Today, QTS is the leader in innovative third-party rail expertise with an ever-growing team of experienced transportation professionals serving a diverse group of customers in traditionally rail-served industries throughout North America. 
As we head into our fourth decade in business, QTS continues to search for new and innovative ways to satisfy current customer needs, to anticipate the needs of the future, and to make our history a part of yours.




“QTS also does an excellent job digging into issues with ETA’s to report back on what is causing the delays with the railcars. By providing updates on critical railcars, QTS has helped (us) prevent shutting down tissue machines.”