Proactive Tracking Management

Tracking Every Shipment, Every Day

Whether you manage a large fleet of owned and leased railcars or you rely on inbound materials from shipper equipment, having constant visibility on your rail traffic is vital to your business. The objective of QTS Proactive Tracking Services is to provide customers with that visibility and to increase the probability that shipments arrive by required delivery dates. This involves the constant tracking and tracing of all customer rail shipments and proactive intervention done with the rail carriers to eliminate or minimize delays. All while providing a constant stream of car location information, bill of lading data, delay details, and current E.T.A.’s in a dynamic and real-time environment.

QTS helps customers achieve two specific goals through our proactive tracking services:
  • Short term goal: Enhanced Visibility
We obtain reliable visibility on all rail traffic, on all railroads throughout North America, and distribute this information to all company groups in need of it. The data should be properly vetted for accuracy and integrity and include all shipment detail information, provide a current location, ETA, and details on work done to expedite the transit and proactively minimize delays. This information helps plant personnel, customer service agents, supply chain specialists, fleet managers and accounting groups maintain constant visibility so they can do their job and handle the day-to-day operations needed to run the business.
  • Long term goalImproved Rail Performance
Through the constant vigilance and daily proactive intervention of the QTS team, customers find that on-time delivery percentage increases. Variability in transit times are reduced and rail performance becomes more predictable. Production planning and required delivery execution improves, and fleet car utilization is maximized. Delay trends and bottlenecks are identified and attacked. Fleet sizes and safety stocks can then be reduced, demurrage costs are minimized, and a continuous improvement cycle ensues, giving customers a net gain to their bottom line—one that more than pays for QTS services.

Leverage the power of QTS experience to help you achieve both!



Comprehensive Tracking Management Software

  • Active Shipment Tracking
  • Order and Bill of Lading details
  • Latest Car Location Messages (CLM)
  • GPS Data
  • Dynamic Trip Planning and auto route adjustment
  • Dynamic ETA’s based on Historical Performance
  • Deviation and Exception Flagging
  • Integrated Mapping
  • Raw EDI Messages
  • Expansive Railroad Contacts Library
  • Built-in Logic to Manage Data Irregularities
  • Unit Train Management Utility
  • SPLC Equivalencies
  • Pre-built and Canned Reports
  • Dynamic and Cascading Filters
  • Comment Fields and Shipment Files
  • Fleet Information
  • Historical Shipment Access
  • System Notifications and Reminders
  • Transit Standards and Projected Transit Times
  • Ad hoc Reporting
  • Create events and CLMs
  • Mass Updates and “Multi-Modal” efficiency for updating multiple records at once


Ensuring Accurate, Timely, and Complete Data Daily

  • Daily Proactive Data Scrubbing to Include:
  • Late or Missing CLM’s
  • Missing Placement Dates
  • Missing Empty Release Dates
  • Non-Reporting Shortlines
  • Empty Trip with a Loaded Last CLM
  • Loaded Trip with an Empty Last CLM
  • Moving Empty After  Empty Placement
  • Moving Loaded After Loaded Placement 
  • EDI Billing Discrepancies
  • Loaded vs. Empty Status discrepancies


Identifying Issues and Intervening with Carriers Directly

  • Late Release of Loaded Shipments
  • Bad Ordered Cars
  • Billing Issues and Misclassified Cars
  • Diversions and Reconsignments
  • Yard Delays and Slow Moving Shipments
  • En route Delays and Routing Variations
  • Broker and Customs Delays and Issues
  • Holds and Storage Issues
  • Interchange Delays 
  • Product Refusals & Misappropriated Railcars
  • Unloading Delays and Yard Congestion
  • Wrong Carrier, Destination, Car Number, etc.


Escalated Shipment Management Assistance

  • Mass Updates
  • Unit Train Straggler Management
  • Diversion Processing with Railroads
  • Transloading Assistance
  • Vendor Managed Inventory Assistance
  • Expedites and Hot Tags
  • Shut Down Management
  • Demurrage and Detention Management
  • 286 Gross Weight Route Verification
  • Scale Ticket and Weigh En Route Management


Tactical and Strategic Opportunity Management

  • Dashboard Active Tracking Metrics
  • Online Executive Summary Reports
  • Fleet Cycle Times
  • Recommended Transit Standards
  • Fleet Car Utilization 
  • Customer Layover Summaries
  • Strategic Product Delivery Analysis
  • Ad-Hoc Historical Reporting and Analysis



"QTS Manages Your Shipping The Way You, Our Partner, Know Is Right. Our Methodology Is Sound."