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Process Manager by SmartRail® Power Suite Logistics Management Software


Process Manager Features

  • Complete after-transit reporting on all phases of the transit process.
  • Summary reports providing analytical and statistical measurements of loaded, layover, empty and complete cycle.
  • Charts with graphically display the transit activities.
  • Advanced ad hoc querying and filtering capability.
  • Pareto chars with multiple levels of detail for analysis of transit abnormalities.
  • “Drill down” feature targets analysis of specific problem areas.
  • All report data viewable by plant, segment group or strategic group, etc.
  • Quick sort bars at the top of each column allow user to sort data by the most meaningful parameter.
  • Integrated export functions direct to Excel.

Specific Fleet Reports

  • Full Cycle (Load, Layover, Empty, Plant, Cycle)
  • Transit Cycle
  • Product Delivery
  • Loaded Transits
  • Layover
  • Empty Transits
  • Plant Layover

Specific Transit Reports

  • Loaded
  • Empty
  • Layover
  • Product Delivery

Specific Deviation Reports

  • Deviation Reports for all Fleets & Transit Reports
  • Total Deviations



“QTS also does an excellent job digging into issues with ETA’s to report back on what is causing the delays with the railcars. By providing updates on critical railcars, QTS has helped (us) prevent shutting down tissue machines.”