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North America Rail Car Tracking by SmartRail® Power Suite Logistics Management Software


North American Railcar Tracking

Web Application

  • Secure Internet site.
  • Distribution over a wide area.
  • No hardware or software requirements.
  • Allows users the ability to view up to the minute data on current rail shipments.

LIST OF FEATURES: Rail Shipment Details - Users have the ability to view details of a rail shipment with one click of the mouse.

  • Car Location Messages
  • Schedule
  • Shipping information
  • Current ETA
  • List of historical trips
  • Deviation details 

Search Option - This allows user to search for a shipment either by railcar or by order numbers.

Reporting Capabilities - Users may select from a number of pre-programmed reports. When running reports there is a selectable criterion to specify Origin, Destination City or Consignees to narrow down requested data.

  • Jeopardized Car Report
  • Product Arrival Summary
  • Layover Screening
  • Status Summary
  • Empty Pipeline

Filtering Flexibility - QTS has the ability to set filters to scale down data to be viewed by a number of different users. For Example:

  • Customer's Customer
  • Customer Service Personnel
  • Personnel at different origins
  • Users at Specific Destinations
  • Fleet Personnel



“QTS also does an excellent job digging into issues with ETA’s to report back on what is causing the delays with the railcars. By providing updates on critical railcars, QTS has helped (us) prevent shutting down tissue machines.”