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North America Rail Car Tracking by SmartRail® Power Suite Logistics Management Software


North American Railcar Tracking

Web Application

  • Secure Internet site.
  • Distribution over a wide area.
  • No hardware or software requirements.
  • Allows users the ability to view up to the minute data on current rail shipments.

LIST OF FEATURES: Rail Shipment Details - Users have the ability to view details of a rail shipment with one click of the mouse.

  • Car Location Messages
  • Schedule
  • Shipping information
  • Current ETA
  • List of historical trips
  • Deviation details 

Search Option - This allows user to search for a shipment either by railcar or by order numbers.

Reporting Capabilities - Users may select from a number of pre-programmed reports. When running reports there is a selectable criterion to specify Origin, Destination City or Consignees to narrow down requested data.

  • Jeopardized Car Report
  • Product Arrival Summary
  • Layover Screening
  • Status Summary
  • Empty Pipeline

Filtering Flexibility - QTS has the ability to set filters to scale down data to be viewed by a number of different users. For Example:

  • Customer's Customer
  • Customer Service Personnel
  • Personnel at different origins
  • Users at Specific Destinations
  • Fleet Personnel



"QTS Can Lower Your Transit Times, Reduce Variation, and Increase Delivery Predictability."