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The Power of Experience
Put Ours to Work for You! 
Let’s face it: rail logistics professionals are in shorter and shorter supply these days, and effectively doing business without them can be difficult. Having a team of experienced rail pros on your side can be a real asset.
In 2010, QTS celebrated our 30th year in business. When you become a partner with QTS you will immediately gain the benefits that only 30 years of successfully serving Fortune 500 companies can bring you. You will gain a team of experts assigned to you in order to make your job easier.
Four areas where you can see QTS experience in action:
  • Our People:  QTS works hard to attract and retain top talent, allowing us to provide our customers with a diverse staff of professionals with varying expertise. We know that becoming knowledgeable in the rail world takes time, so we invest in our people and provide them with a wide array of training opportunities and career options. As a result, our front-line representatives in our fleet and tracking groups average over 8 years of experience with QTS.  Our management team averages over 15 years with QTS. Additionally, many of our team members come to QTS from previous positions in transportation, including rail, truck, and associated industries. We truly believe that our people make the difference!


  • Our Relationships:  After 30 years in the business, we've been able to accumulate quite a few valuable relationships in the industry. We have direct FTP connections with most of the Class I carriers as well as Railinc, and we work with them on system enhancements and other efforts to work collaboratively to satisfy our mutual customers. In addition, we have access to a library of over 1200 contacts, including customer service groups as well as individuals at plants, transloaders, brokerage houses, customs desks, accessorial departments, rip tracks, and local yard operations.  We have the ability to get to the right people to reduce delays and resolve issues faster.


  • Our Technology:  The QTS SmartRail Suite of software tools are designed and updated regularly by a staff of programmers on-site at our headquarters.  Our development team works with our operations group side-by-side to produce applications that are built from an end-user's point of view, with our years of industry knowledge and business intelligence built right in.  We don't give our customers a cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf program, but a customizable, user-friendly tool that leverages our experience to bring efficiency and ease of use. 


  • Our Best Practices:  Over 30 years we've learned quite a bit about how to run an effective rail transportation program.  We've done plenty of things right--and a few things wrong--and we've benefited from the experience. Today, we have a set of protocols and operating procedures in every area of our business--from tracking, to fleet maintenance, to software development and network support--that have allowed us to set the bar higher with each new year. Many of these practices come from industry models, some from the leadership of our customers, and some from a recipe of common sense and trial and error that have allowed QTS to stay flexible in an ever-changing business environment. What's more, as a learning organization we pride ourselves on our ability to continue to expand upon our best practices through regular reviews and retrospectives designed to help us find new and better ways to serve you.





"QTS Can Lower Your Transit Times, Reduce Variation, and Increase Delivery Predictability."