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Other Modules

Web Billing

The QTS Web Billing Module provides a one-stop, user-friendly interface for billing railcar shipments with any railroad using simple templates.

Document Storage

We can store important documents like bills of lading, maintenance records, and financial reports electronically for you, reducing the burden on your IT resources, and giving a wide range of individuals access to important information from any web-enabled PC.

Iso-container fleet maintenance and tracking

QTS can provide maintenance on iso-tanks and manage overseas container tracking for you, including the local loops.

Detention Management

Let QTS help you identify and invoice your customers for extended holding of your equipment.

Demurrage Management

QTS has the software tools and industry knowledge to help you reduce your demurrage costs on site by providing the visibility and intervention needed to improve local rail performance

Invoice Manager

This QTS SmartRail tool matches inbound railroad EDI410 freight invoices against contract rates, producing an approve-to-pay confirmation or an alert flag for further investigation.