@Plant Manager®

Operator Centric Perspective

Car Management Features

@Plant Manager 3.0 was designed from an operator centric perspective. All aspects of the product are designed in a fashion to permit maximum flexibility and efficiency for the operator. Multi-screen capabilities, drag and drop functionality and one button Excel exporting capability are but three specific excellent examples of how we designed this product in a way that makes the operator the most efficient effective yard manager possible.

Offering a whole host of distinct and valuable yard management functions

  • User Interface:
    • User friendly
    • "Drag & Drop" functionality
    • Multi-screen cells for ease of use with a personalized screen memory function.
    • Sophisticated search engine and filtering tools to increase speed and effectiveness.
  • Full historical record retention for improved analysis and record auditing.
  • Retain last product by railcar compartment to facilitate car re-loading.
  • Ability to download into Excel Spreadsheet or text files to perform analysis and more personalized reports.
  • Customized switch lists
  • Management of:
    • Fleet car movmement from inbound empty through loading, billing and tendering with rail carriers.
    • In-plant car movement down to individual spot level.
    • Pre-loaded storage cars, both on-site and off-site, including billing to off-site storage
  See Additional Features

Additional Features

Additional Yard Management Functions

  • Screening of available empty cars for loading product compatible with prior contents
  • Combined move and confirm activities for locations requiring one-step movements
  • Car filing activity with weight integration in BOL for full or partial loads and integration with pre-load storage management
  • Integrated movement lists and walking list
  • Rail yard inventory reports by track, spot and or by railcar numbers.
  • Multi-tank car billing and loading support.
  • Integrated Import / Export capabilities for data interchange with user systems.
  • Multi-plant control capabilities for both car movement and billing.
  • Multiple serving carrier defaults for plants served by multiple carriers.
  • Loading rack scheduling activities, site-specific rack schedules and rack loading sheets available.
  • Through commenting flexibility with three comment options.
    • Car Level - The information stays with the car indefinitely.
    • Trip Level - Comment stays with the car for that trip through the plant.
    • Move Level - Comment stays with the car for theat particular move inside the plant.
    • All comments are retained in history.

Billing Features

This piece of functionality would provide the customer with a standardized billing option outside of your ERP system. Several of our customers have instances where for a series of reasons they cannot bill a car using their ERP system. In these circumstances many have chosen to standardize around QTS' system. QTS' integrated billing module would provide several advantages:

  • Uniform corporate processes.
  • Accurate record retention.
  • Corporate wiede viewing flexibility.
  • Easy access to historical billing records.
Some of the features of our billing module are:
  • Preparation and transmittal of Electronic (EDI) Bill of Lading.
  • Fully Hazmat compliant.
  • Preparation of individual or multi-car EDI BOLs.
  • User-defined car string feature with either individual or multi-car BOL output to carriers.
  • Printed BOL form available in standard or customer-specific formats.
  • Printing and faxing of hardcopy BOL integrated with EDI transmittals.
  • Retention of critical BOL information including carrier confirmation and acknowledgement dates.
  • Integrated faxing of BOLs to carriers, consignees and other internal and external parties.
  • Preparation and transmittal of weight adjustments (EDI 440).
  • Export of order information / BOL information and activity to the ERP systems.

Truck Scheduling and Management Features

This module supports trucking activities in and around a plant. It is designed to ensure consistent efficient management of trucks coming into and out of your facility. The features and functionality this module provides are as follows:

Truck-Scheduling Functionality
  • Visibility of carrier and pickup date/time for trucks.
  • Ability to schedule carrier and pickup date/time for trucks.
  • Ability to assign spot (rack or dock) locations for each truck.
It also provides truck-gate personnel with the ability to:
  • Access truck-scheduling information.
  • Enter truck identification weight into @PlantManager DB.
  • Print required documentation for the trucker.
The application has 4 main functions:
  • Accessing scheduled orders, orders to be scheduled, and orders being fulfilled.
  • Scheduling trucks.
  • Processing truck arrival, capturing truck information and printing incoming documents packet.
  • Processing truck departure, capturing weight and printing outgoing documents packet.

Demurrage Features

  • This module consolidates all information relating to yard moves and switches then places it in a reporting format which permits the user to review all car movement activities.
  • As a result the user can easily manage demurrage costs.
  • This module provides a flexible user friendly interface which permits the user to review data at a summary level or drill down to detailed and specific car movement activities over any period of time.
  • This module also has QTS' one click Excel download functionality. With one click the user downloads the movement information onto the clipboard from where they can easily paste it into a spreadsheet for further analysis.